About Us

Sanat-o-Tijarat Nizarat is an action organization designed to meet community’s business and professional needs. It comprises of individuals, organizations, and businesses joining together to advance the commercial, financial, and civic interests. It provides a forum for professional and business concerns to share knowledge, experience and exploit opportunities for mutual benefit.


This is a multi-purpose portal to attain objectives such as 

(1) providing platform for knowledge and opportunities sharing with its members 

(2) rendering specific services of a type that can be most effectively rendered by a community organization both to its members, and to the community as a whole, and 

(3) encouraging and supporting community members for entrepreneurship.

By providing structure, volunteer, professional staff and full-time office operations, we are to implement business advocacy programs promoting economic progress and serve the members. The Portal provides current data on business trends, population, marketing potentials, taxes, employment wages and figures, and state laws, etc to complement business processes.

Please contact us at any time with your queries about, or requests for, advice on business support services, access to resources and training, and inter-trading events and business-to-business networking opportunities.